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Greece Offers Free Vacations To Tourists Evacuated From Rhodes Fires

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Greece Offers Free Vacations To Tourists Evacuated From Rhodes Fires

Greece is offering free one-week vacations to visitors whose trips were disrupted by the recent wildfires.

In July, parts of the island of Rhodes were ablaze for days. Homes and hotels suffered damage and thousands were forced to flee.

Some 20,000 people – including tourists – had to leave the island, the largest evacuation Greece has ever seen, according to authorities.

The Greek prime minister has now said tourists who were evacuated will have the chance to return to the south Aegean island next year on a free trip.

Free vacations for tourists evacuated from Rhodes

Earlier this week, Greek premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis acknowledged the disruption the wildfires had caused for tourism.

“For all those whose holiday was cut short as a result of wildfires, the Greek government in cooperation with local authorities will offer one week of free holidays on Rhodes, next spring, the next fall, so that we make sure they come back to the island and enjoy its natural beauty,” he said on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

The prime minister didn’t offer any further details on how the free vacations would work or if flights would be covered.

Mitsotakis also praised the hospitality of the residents of Rhodes, describing them as “incredibly supportive” to stranded vacationers.

Is it safe to visit Rhodes this summer?

After wildfires ravaged some areas of the island, Greek officials have now confirmed Rhodes is safe to travel to.

In a statement, the country’s tourism minister said life was returning to normal on the island.

“Rhodes is back! We are pleased to announce that the operational state of emergency has expired on the island of Rhodes,” it said.

Authorities added that residents and tourist activities were “looking forward to continuing to offer their care and unique hospitality to foreign visitors.”

Tourism is a vital part of Greece’s economy, accounting for more than 20% of the country’s GDP.

Rhodes is one of the most population destinations and welcomed around 2.6 million visitors last year.

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