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Most Remote Places in the US – Wild Junket Adventure Travel Blog

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Most Remote Places in the US – Wild Junket Adventure Travel Blog

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by Nellie Huang

With travel becoming so mainstream, there are few places in the world that are pristine and isolated. Here are some of the most remote places in the US where you’ll hardly see anyone.

There’s plenty of fun to be had on marked trails. But there comes a point in every adventurer’s life when they yearn for something a little more remote and secluded. A place they can enjoy undisturbed and without being crowded by other tourists.

The United States is filled with busy cities, bustling streets, and hoards of people looking to go about their busy lives with no thought of slowing down and trying to escape the city’s concrete jungles. Here are the most remote places in the US for those looking to break away from the stresses and bustle of everyday life and explore somewhere a little more remote.

Most Remote Places in the US

For those with a lot of experience going off the beaten track, backpacking (tents and supplies included) can feel like discovering an entirely new world. Venturing into isolated areas is sure to transport you back to the days of maps, compasses, hidden trails, and guidebooks, but you could go one step further and move entirely off the grid. Who wouldn’t want to experience this at least once in their lifetime?

This seems like an awesome thing to do if you’re an adventurer, but if you’re not, a bit of quiet can be found closer to home. Some of these backwoods locations can even be reached via private jet charter flights. You don’t need to go to the back of beyond completely to access unexplored areas. There are options that cater to whatever your comfort levels are. These types of trips require a level of self-sufficiency usually built over a number of years, but having the right gear and know-how is enough to survive on a daring quest. 

Havasupai, Arizona

You will find that some of the most remote places in the US are often the most beautiful — that is definitely Havasuai. This area is famous for the Havasu Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, located snugly in the Havasupai Canyon. It’s extremely secluded area in the Havasupai Native Reservation that requires a 10-mile hike or ride on horseback. In this spectacular paradise, turquoise water plunges down fiery red cliffs into travertine swimming holes at the bottom. Havasu Falls, Najavo Falls, Beaver Falls, and Mooney Falls are close to other major waterfalls.

most remote places in the us - havasu

The Lost Coast, California

Look no further than the Lost Coast in California for a sense of magic. The shoreline is situated in the state’s most undeveloped area. When people think of beaches in California, they often picture them jam-packed with visitors worshipping the sun. This stretch of coast is anything but.

This paradise is one of the rare locations in the state where you can enjoy some peace while taking in the beauty around you. For those who like to take long walks and hikes, there are trails overlooking the coastal cliffs along the Pacific, which are ideal for a trek. Consider surfing the gnarly waves which are exquisite all year long — or watch the surfers face them instead.

most remote places in the us - california

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore can be found up north on Lake Superior.  With 22 wild, rugged islands nestled off the Bayfield Peninsula in northern Wisconsin, they offer some of the country’s best blue-water paddling, scenic rock formations, and six historic lighthouses. Kayak rental is available for visitors keen to cruise along the fascinating shoreline. In great weather, a picnic on Raspberry Island is a treat that can be had without being disturbed by other visitors.

most remote places in the us - wisconsin

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington

If silence is the pinnacle of remoteness, then the Hoh Rainforest could very well be the place to visit on the entire planet. Although it is only a couple of hours away from the fast-paced city of Seattle in Washington State, it features a soundscape conservation project known as the “one square inch of silence”, that aims  to protect the area from all human-made sounds. This is definitely the quirkiest item in this list of remote places in the US.

There are 14 feet of rain annually in this dense, moss-covered rainforest, so crowds are kept to a minimum. This corner of the Olympic Peninsula houses one of the best national parks in the US and remains as untouched as any place in the Northwest, famous for its moss-cave hiking trails and thousands of shades of green.

most remote places in the united states - washington

Maze District, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

There are few places as untouched as the open spaces culminating in the Utah desert — the most unspoilt being Canyonland’s Maze District. This unique landscape is tucked away across the Colorado River. Even something as simple as the drive will take you hours to complete. A 4×4 is essential on a Utah road trip to conquer the rough terrain.

You will also need extra supplies and gas tanks as there are no easily accessible service stations to be found in the area. You’ll get a glimpse of dead-end canyons, sandstone fins, and dry washes; you’ll need to be comfortable with reading a map and compass. This is not an area for the inexperienced, so carry a GPS device with high sensitivity, like the one built into your satellite communicator, to help you stay on track.

most remote places in us - utah

Lake Clarke National Park and Preserve, Alaska

In the southern region of Alaska, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is an area of incredibly far-away spaces. Wildlife enthusiasts can only access this remarkable playground by boat or small aircraft, as no roads lead there. This is undoubtedly one of the coolest remote places in the US. Bring your camera along when you visit. Active volcanoes, rugged coastlines, and glistening glaciers can be viewed while hiking the many trails. There are many places to explore by paddling along the salmon-filled waters, but be wary of the brown bears hanging around in search of a feast!

Most Remote Places in the US – Wild Junket Adventure Travel Blog

Jarbidge Wilderness, Nevada

Located in Nevada’s northeastern side is the Jarbidge Wilderness. A place that is so isolated and remote that it requires a nearly three-hour drive through rural paths and gravel roads from the town of Elko. If you want to avoid crowds, this is the place for you.

There are over 113,000 acres of wilderness to explore, including lakes, waterfalls, mountain peaks, and plenty of wildlife. Many local bull trout can be fished from the Little Salmon or Jarbridge rivers. Hikers will be filled with joy when they see the glorious summer wildflowers, elk, deer, eagles, and mountain lions that reside here.

most remote places in the us

Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota

The canoeing areas of Northern Minnesota are perfect for anyone looking to explore the enormous network of lakes and waterways. There are over 1,100 lakes and thousands of miles reachable via canoe or kayak. There are endless miles of untouched shorelines — traveling from one lake to the next will always bring a new sense of adventure. Places like Adams and Boulder Lakes guarantee complete solitude. This location requires you to have the correct gear. Ensure that your effects are waterproof because you’re likely to get wet.

most remote places in the us - minnesota

Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho

The largest contiguous wilderness in the lower 48 is the Frank Church River of No Return. This area consists of close to 2.5 million acres across various national forests and mountainous ecosystems. A wonderful opportunity for a backcountry escapade. The two main rivers in the Salmon and Middle Fork Rivers, attract whitewater enthusiasts every year, but this isn’t the only reason to visit.

The additional drawing card is the more than 2,000 miles of hiking trails. Experienced hikers and orienteers will be delighted to know that there are over 1.5 million acres of unmarked trials. It is highly unlikely that you will bump into another soul in this area!

most remote places in the us - idaho


Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Of all the states, Alaska is one of the best winter destinations in the US. However, there are particular tourist destinations (national parks like Denali and major cities like Juneau and Anchorage) that draw in crowds. The same cannot be said about more rural regions of the state like the Aleutian Islands. Along these islands, wildlife thrives due to minimal human interaction. Despite the harsh climate, active volcanoes, and stormy seas, it is home to lots of animals, with some areas being more populated by local wildlife than people!

Wildlife watchers, photographers, and videographers will find that these islands are a prime location to catch a glimpse of rarely seen creatures in their natural habitat. This dramatic backdrop makes for superb photographs. There is a vast amount of birds and sea mammals, such as seals, sea lions, and walruses, as well as different classes of whales: sperm, orca, grey, humpback, and minke.

most remote places in the us - alaska

100-Mile Wilderness, Maine

If you want to complete the Appalachian Trail (one of the best treks in the world), you will face possibly the hardest hurdle of them all at your final stretch, known as “The 100-Mile Wilderness”. This 100-mile stretch is infamously regarded as the Appalachian Trail’s most strenuous section. A big challenge for all: the days are long, the trail is rugged, and you’ll be away from civilisation for the entire 100-mile trek, making this one of the more extremely removed spots in the entire region and the most secluded on the trail.

You needn’t hike the entire Appalachian Trail to gain entry to the 100-Mile wilderness, so if you’re looking for an off-grid experience in the densely rich, thick forests of the Northeast — this could be the ideal spot to visit. Discover hidden lakes, rocky outcroppings, and abundant forests.

most remote places in the us - maine

Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

The Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming aren’t home to that much in terms of human civilisation. Even in the summer months, you are unlikely to come across other humans. Just a 58-mile drive along the Bighorn Scenic Byway will take you to the crest. Known as one of the top places to visit in all of Wyoming, the landscape stretches from the Bighorn Basin to the Powder River Basin. The mountainscape follows Highway 14 from outside the town of Greybull, travelling through deep canyons, lush meadows, rushing waterfalls, and dense forests.

Nearly every stop is a chance for you to gaze upon a point of interest. Wild camping is made easy here as there are endless miles of hiking and dwelling opportunities. If you enjoy the outdoors but would prefer not to sacrifice all your home comforts, you can take an eastern getaway to the town of Buffalo. You’ll be able to join in the fun the attraction has to offer without putting yourself out too much.

most remote places in the us - wyoming

Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

Montana is synonymous with vast wilderness. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is perhaps the best of them all. Spread across 1.5 million acres of alpine meadows, rocky ridges, and dense forest. The complex follows the Continental Divide for close to 60 miles. As the third-largest wilderness in the lower-48, the wilderness complex is populated by lots of wildlife: wolves, mountain lions, mountain goats, deer, grizzly bears, elk, moose, and much more. Some consider the Chinese Wall (a limestone escarpment deep in the wilderness which forms part of the Continental Divide) the most dramatic natural feature of the Rockies.

most remote places in the us - montana

What do you think of these remote places in the US? Have you been to any? Let us know in the comments field below!

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