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Shoppers Are Ditching Their Stiff Denim Shorts for This Breathable $10 Cotton Pair That’s Perfect for Beach Trips

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Shoppers Are Ditching Their Stiff Denim Shorts for This Breathable  Cotton Pair That’s Perfect for Beach Trips

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People have even been calling them their “favorite summer shorts.”

<p>Travel + Leisure / Tyler Roeland</p>

Travel + Leisure / Tyler Roeland

I’ll be honest, I dread when it becomes time to remove my stiff denim shorts from the depths of my closet each year and pack them for an upcoming trip. In my opinion, there’s nothing less comfortable than slipping into tight denim on the way to the beach or even on a day out sightseeing, so I’ve found myself searching for alternatives that still maintain a sense of style without making me chafed and irritated.

After months of keeping my eyes peeled, I seem to have stumbled upon a pair of shorts that are universally loved by Amazon shoppers — and the best part is, they’re currently on sale. If you’re anything like me and are tired of pretending to prefer denim shorts to comfort, the Kissmoda Women’s Summer Shorts are currently on sale starting at just $10, so you can revamp your summer wardrobe without shelling out money that could be spent enjoying your vacation.


To buy: amazon.com, $10 (originally $13)

These loose-fitting, breathable shorts stray far away from the discomfort of a traditional structured short and are made with a lightweight cotton material that allows you to move freely throughout your day without being restricted by your clothing. A drawstring closure and elastic waistband ensure you’ll be comfortable whether you’re sitting or standing, making them a staple for tourist activities and even hours spent sitting on a lengthy flight.

A 3-inch inseam strikes the perfect balance of length, and these shorts even feature two deep side pockets and two back pockets which are excellent for holding your phone, keys, and other smaller essentials while you’re on the go. Not to mention they come in 40 effortless color and pattern variations with sizes ranging from S to 3XL so you won’t have to struggle finding shorts that actually suit your personal taste.


To buy: amazon.com, $18 (originally $28)

More than 3,700 shoppers have given these comfortable cotton shorts a five-star rating at Amazon, and from busy travel days to relaxing beach excursions, people can’t get enough of this summer staple for all of the adventures on their to-do list. One customer dubbed them “comfortable, classic shorts,” explaining that the pockets provide a “convenient and secure spot for my keys and phone,” while also noting that they are “perfect for the beach and to throw on over my swimsuit before going for a bite to eat.” In fact, another shopper even shared that they like the material of these shorts “more than denim” since it’s “cooler and lighter” to wear during the summertime.

Naturally, you want to invest in clothing that you can continue to wear even outside of your travels, and one customer confirms that while they initially “bought these shorts for a vacation,” they now “wear them all the time.” They raved that the cotton material is “incredibly comfortable and stretchy,” adding that they are “super cute and match any outfit.” Meanwhile, another shopper even went as far as to call them their “favorite summer shorts,” noting that this was the second year they purchased them after going down in size, explaining that they “always get at least four [pairs]” so they can “wear them all week.”


To buy: amazon.com, $24 (originally $28)

It’s never easy to find a pair of shorts that are actually stylish, flattering, and above all, comfortable, but the Kissmoda Women’s Summer Shorts have managed to check all the boxes as we head into the season of warm-weather travel. Right now, the shopper-loved shorts are on sale for as little as $10 in select colors, so don’t miss out on grabbing a pair (or two!) before your next vacation so you can look as cool as you are comfortable.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $10. 

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