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Small plane flying out of Jacksonville crashes in Texas

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Small plane flying out of Jacksonville crashes in Texas

A small plane traveling from Jacksonville to Texas crashed Thursday. Officials have not said how many people died, but the model of plane typically seats 7.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Officials say there are “no survivors” after a small plane traveling from Jacksonville crashed in Tom Green County, Texas, Thursday afternoon.

The number of victims has not been released yet, but the model, a 1997 Pilatus PC-12, typically seats up to seven, according to online advertisements. 

The plane crashed at approximately 12:38 p.m. near Christoval, Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Justin Baker said. The plane was found on a ranch, with the help of Customs and Border Patrol.

A search and rescue effort was unsuccessful and no survivors could be recovered, Baker said.

A recording of the pilot’s final transmission to air traffic control shows in saying, “We got a problem!” 

Less than four minutes later, the air traffic controller can be heard talking to another controller, asking for help locating the plane. “(I) just had an aircraft that possibly went down,” he says.

None of the victims’ identities have been revealed at this time. It is unknown whether they lived in Jacksonville. However, flight records show they have traveled all over the country since October, including San Diego, Wyoming and Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville. 

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