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Travis Kelce Just Landed in Sydney to See Taylor Swift

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Travis Kelce Just Landed in Sydney to See Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift stopped by the Sydney Zoo today ahead of her performance in the city tomorrow. It was unclear for days whether her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, would be joining her down under now that his NFL season is over. But TMZ reported Wednesday that Kelce is in fact traveling to Swift.

At 5:33 P.M., Page Six revealed that Kelce landed in Sydney around 5 P.M. ET/9 A.M. local time. Australian news outlets obtained footage of him leaving the plane in a navy tracksuit.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge told TMZ while Kelce was traveling what his flight route ended up being. He spent time in Las Vegas yesterday before traveling to Los Angeles. He flew to Hawaii overnight, where he continued early this morning on a private jet to Sydney.

TMZ was told that Kelce had dinner at Nobu Malibu in Los Angeles before flying to Hawaii.

Fans speculated that Kelce could be joining Swift in Australia when they noticed her private jet dropped her off in Melbourne, then returned to Hawaii. They theorized the plane could be waiting there for Kelce, which seems to be the case.

TMZ wrote that it is unclear at this point whether Kelce will just join Swift in Australia or if he will travel with her to Singapore, where she will be doing three shows next week. Once Swift wraps her Singapore show, she will be on break until she plays in Paris, France, on May 9. That opening gives Swift and Kelce the chance to make their Met Gala debut in New York City the week before.

Kelce teased he could be meeting Swift in Australia ahead of the Super Bowl. “I’m not planning anything after this Super Bowl,” he said. “I’m just focused on this game right now. But I’d love to experience down under.”

Earlier this month, a source told People that Kelce and Swift are planning to travel together for her Europe shows, too. “[They] are making plans for the summer and are excited to travel together in Europe when Taylor takes her tour there,” the insider said.

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