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Try These Japanese Sweets Surprise Boxes

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Try These Japanese Sweets Surprise Boxes

Japanese cuisine is famous for its ramen soups, rice dishes, and a variety of tofu creations. However, Japanese sweets are not as well known.

The abundance of sweets in Japan can be overwhelming, waiting to be discovered. That’s why we should make an effort to try as many Japanese sweets as possible. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what they are, just try them!

You may find some delightful surprises that you would never have experienced otherwise, especially when it comes to unique flavors.

Speaking of flavors, almost every sweet in Japan has at least two options. Chocolate is usually one flavor choice, with strawberry being another popular option (chocolate and strawberry together are a winning combination!). But some extraordinary flavors deserve special mention – green tea (matcha) is incredibly popular among them.

If you enjoy green tea or want to try something new, I highly recommend trying these green tea-flavored treats.

Regarding chips/snacks, Japan also offers some truly unusual choices! For example, truffle potato chips are found in surprise boxes (more details below).

Of course, we cannot overlook Pocky sticks. It is a kind of Japan’s national sweet treat, which may ring a bell to many people outside the country who know them as Mikado sticks. These chocolate-covered biscuit sticks are absolutely delicious and definitely worth a try! In fact,
Japan boasts an incredible variety of Pocky flavors such as Dark Chocolate (“Men’s Pocky”), Strawberry, Almond, Chocolate
strawberry, almond, chocolate vanilla, melon, milk tea coconut, and even more unique ones like sweet potato cream cheese or orange flavored!

My recommendation? Dive into the world of Japanese sweets without hesitation! The taste experience will be well worth it – and they make fantastic gifts for your loved ones back home. You won’t find some of these treats anywhere else!

And there is no need to travel to Japan, as you can go for the…

Tokyo Treat – Surprise Box

I received this box from Tokyo Treat. It reminded me of our trip to Kanagawa and Kyushu in Japan, but now it was a culinary adventure through Japan, but from the comfort of my living room. The box felt like receiving a care package from a friend in Japan.

The packaging was vibrant and inviting, making you excited to see what’s inside. It was particularly difficult to stop my son from opening the package. 😉

Upon opening the box, it was a feast for the eyes! I was greeted by an array of 15 full-sized snacks. Some boxes come with up to 20 snacks, and it’s not every day you come across such generosity in a subscription service. Tokyo Treat had curated a mix of exclusive Japanese drinks, some instant ramen that looked nothing like the usual grocery store finds, KitKat flavors that were downright tempting, crunchy chips with what seemed like unusual Japanese flavors, mysterious salty snacks, candies with the cutest packaging, and baked goods that transported me to a Tokyo side street bakery.

Now, let me dive into the details.

The variety? Top-notch. Each item was different and made me excited to try it. The exclusivity? I felt like I had been let into a secret snack society. Some flavors were so unique that I’d bet you couldn’t find them outside of Japan. Others tasted familiar again, but only after trying them.

The KitKat Strawberry Chocolate Cake? It’s a wild ride for the taste buds… though it’s ‘just’ a KitKat.

With a penchant for trying the unconventional, I fell head over heels for the savory-sweet combinations and the truffle potato chips – it’s like they knew my snacking soul.

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Tokyo Treat - Box with Japanese sweets.
Tokyo Treat – Box with Japanese sweets.

Here’s What I received in my December Japanese Sweets Box

  • KitKat Strawberry Chocolate Cake
  • Calpis Soda
  • Pure Potato Truffle & Rock Salt Chips
  • Spicy Kitakata Ramen
  • Christmas Kokutou Donut
  • Christmas Cake Gummies
  • Christmas Crunch Mix
  • Christmas Pizza Corn Snacks
  • Premium Ghana Chocolate Caramel
  • Snow Sugar Karinto
  • Snowball Marshmallow
  • Streamer Marshmallow Stick
  • Don Don Yaki with Tonkatsu Sauce
  • Sour Cream Potato Crackers
  • Chocolate Candy Cane

Take a look at all the options here!

Try These Japanese Sweets Surprise Boxes
Tokyo Treat – Japanese sweets from the surprise box.

Of course, not everything may be “your cup of tea,” but hey, that’s a tough ask for a surprise box that’s crossed oceans and continents!

The allergen information included with each treat is very good to have for those with dietary restrictions. You can nibble away without a worry.

The 20-page culture guide is also a nice extra. It’s not just about what you’re eating, but also about the sweets and other information about Japan. However, some sections seem to be advertisements, as they’re about international brands.

All in all, Tokyo Treat is more than just a bunch of snacks in a box. It’s a very good sensory journey. It’s perfect for the adventurous snacker, those fascinated by Japan, or people looking to spice up their snacking routine.

Sakuraco: A Passport to Authentic Japanese Flavors

This is another popular Japanese Surprise Box. The contents offered with this box are all a little more refined and traditional.

With the Sakuraco Japanese Snacks & Candy Subscription Box, connoisseurs and the curious alike have the opportunity to embark on a monthly journey to discover a variety of authentic Japanese flavors from the comfort of their own home.

Delivered worldwide, this subscription service not only satisfies the desire for authentic Japanese flavors, but also supports the local producers and communities from which these snacks originate.

Supporting Tradition and Local Artisans

In line with the movement for cultural appreciation and support of small-scale industry, Sakuraco stands out by working exclusively with Japanese family-owned businesses. These artisans have honed their craft over generations and dedicated their lives to the art of traditional snack making.

When you choose Sakuraco, you are directly contributing to the sustainability of this local economy and the preservation of a cultural heritage in a way that is as delicious as it is meaningful.

The Sakuraco Experience: How it works*.

  1. Subscribe: Prospective Snack Explorers choose the plan that best suits their cravings and curiosity.
  2. Receive: A curated selection of seasonal Japanese treats and teas are shipped each month, promising a taste of Japan’s finest flavors.
  3. Enjoy: Subscribers can enjoy traditional snacks and teas from the comfort of their own homes, each representing different prefectures and the changing seasons of Japan.

Each Sakuraco box is an adventure that contains more than just food – it’s a cultural odyssey.

Opening the Sakura Box
Opening the Sakura Box

Here are just a few examples of what subscribers can expect to find in a box

  • 20 authentic Japanese snacks and sweets: A generous selection that tantalizes the taste buds and introduces traditional snacks not available outside of Japan.
  • Premium Authentic Wagashi: These traditional Japanese sweets, made by local artisans, embody the spirit of Japan and come to you from their families.
  • Snack & Culture Guide: A comprehensive 24-page guide provides context and insight into the origins and stories behind each product in the box.
  • Afternoon Tea Pairing: A thoughtful selection of Japanese teas, including matcha and hojicha, are paired with the snacks for a complete flavor experience.
  • New Monthly Theme: Each box has a specific seasonal or cultural theme, allowing subscribers to experience a new facet of Japan with each delivery.
  • Sakuraco exclusives: Items such as senbei and konpeito are made exclusively for Sakuraco boxes and offer an exclusive taste you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Japanese Housewares: In addition to the edible delights, subscribers receive items such as ceramics, chopsticks or furoshiki from traditional Japanese manufacturers.

The Sakuraco Japanese Snacks & Candy Subscription Box is not just a collection of foods, but a bridge between cultures. It is an invitation to immerse yourself in Japanese tradition, art and community – bite by bite. Whether for the adventurous foodie, the lover of all things Japanese, or the culturally curious, Sakuraco offers a carefully crafted experience that nourishes both the palate and the soul.

Take a look at the options available here

All the snacks and goodies of the Sakura Box
All the snacks and goodies of the Sakura Box

I’ve tested the Sakuraco and the Tokyo Treats boxes and been to Japan myself. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, and my children would recommend it, too. 🙂

Go get a taste of Japan in your life!

Just remember, the world of snacking is vast and varied – what I enjoyed may not be your favorite, but there’s enough out there to find your snacking soulmate, I’m sure.

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