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What is skiplagging? Here’s more on the travel hack that airlines hate

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What is skiplagging? Here’s more on the travel hack that airlines hate

Traveling for cheap is one of the trendiest topics of the last decade. Travel is on everyone’s bucket list, but not everyone can afford a first-class or even coach ticket, especially if it’s a family trip.

More and more social media users are drawn to accounts that help travelers get the biggest bang for their buck, teaching anything from how to get reimbursed for getting kicked off an overbooked flight, how to use credit card points and air miles for free vacations and getting free hotel stays for overnight layovers.

What is the latest trending topic on the budget-traveling side of social media? Taking advantage of layovers using skiplagging.

How does skiplagging work?

“Skiplagging,” or “hidden city ticketing,” is finding good flight deals with layovers at your final destination and stopping there instead of continuing on, per skiplagged, a website that specializes in the practice.

Essentially, you jump ship at the layover instead of catching a connecting flight.

Is skiplagging illegal?

While skiplagging isn’t illegal, per skiplagged, it’s very possible you might upset the airline if it’s a common occurrence.

Delta, United, American and Southwest all prohibit the practice in their Contracts of Carriage, per The Washington Post. If the airline catches you, they’ve been known to cancel future flights, not allow you to board the flight and cancel your rewards account.

Just keep in mind, as travel writer Matt Meltzer told the Post, it’s rare for the airline to catch skiplaggers, but it’s not impossible.

If you decide to risk it, skiplagger.com gives a few things to be aware of.

  • Travel with a passport even if you’re not going all the way to the international destination.

  • Only use a backpack so there’s no chance of getting your bag checked at the gate.

  • Don’t use frequent flyer accounts or rewards programs, it’s easier for the airline to track the skiplagging.

  • Don’t overuse the same routes.

  • Bad weather may mess up your travel plans.

What are the best travel hacks?

For more travel tips that don’t carry the same risk as skiplagging, here are five digital creators to follow on Instagram to learn more:


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