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What to Prepare When Traveling Internationally

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What to Prepare When Traveling Internationally

Travel enthusiasts must be excited for this time of the year when plane ticket prices are going down to cater to the holiday season. We truly hope you made the purchase well over a couple of months ago to save yourself from the crunch time. And in case your trip itinerary is all ready to go then we’re here to provide you a concise list of things to pack and take with you on your international travel(s).

We’re going to start off with some small-scale essentials and then gradually move towards the chunkier items. The overall goal will be to stay within a reasonable amount of items that are easy to lug. Remember, the lighter you travel, the more opportunity you will have to make tantalizing purchases in the place of your stay. 

Keep your options open and let’s get into our listicle!

Sturdy Travel Bag

The foundation of all travel items. Having a trusty travel bag to store your belongings is imperative to getting your journey going. The size of this bag depends upon your duration of travel/stay. Decide on whether you’d like to roll with a full-fledged luggage bag or a shoulder bag if you’re going for the weekend. In either case, the bag should ideally be waterproof, tear-free, and have enough compartments inside it to safely store your stuff. 

Universal Adapter

There are currently fifteen different adapter types used worldwide. If you’re traveling out of the States anytime soon, having a universal travel adapter would be highly advisable. Not every country and region supports the same American plugs and/or sockets. With this in your bag, you will be safeguarding your devices from running out of juice abruptly. During flights or otherwise. 

Reusable Water Bottle with Filter

Wherever you intend to land on our beloved planet, there is no telling what sort of foods and liquids you’ll end up having. More often than not, our stomachs tend to not agree with the nourishment provided by another region. That includes H2O. 

To save yourself some quite bothersome tummy aches, it’s a good idea to invest in a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter installed in it. This will ensure that wherever you’re going, at least the water you’ll consume will be filtered to a point where you can consume it without worrying too much about it. 

Official Documents

Having your passport at the ready with a recently renewed expiry date is of the utmost importance. Most countries won’t issue you a visa if your passport’s expiry is dangerously close. In the rare case that this doesn’t automatically happen, make sure to have a comfortable cushion between renewal dates to avoid emergencies when abroad. 

Research visa requirements as well. Many countries are okay with electronic visas, meaning you won’t have to lug around paper documents with you. Again, this is country-specific so having your research done beforehand is desirable. 

International Roaming

Until you get hold of a local carrier, having international roaming activated on your American mobile network is the way to go. It’s cumbersome to communicate with people not from your region. Especially when they…or you…aren’t great at communicating in a common language. To skip this hassle, consider keeping Spectrum Internet in handy. You can reach out to Spectrum Customer Service since it is one of the most reliable internet service providers in the United States!

The company enjoys a global presence and has roaming available for its users to take full advantage of during international travel. Doing so saves you on time and a world of confusion as you try to navigate around the country. 


You never know what sort of entertainment or bewilderment you’re going to be getting yourself into when abroad. Pack a good quality camera that you can whip out on a whim’s notice to capture various scenes. Months or years after the trip, you’ll be looking at the pictures and videos you took and thank yourself for not falling short of documenting it. Additionally, there’s no need to go buy a DSLR or anything. Even your phone camera will suffice provided it’s not too beaten up. 

Rain Jacket

Continents like Africa have massive rain showers that go on for considerable durations. Many economically backwater countries have difficulty in proper drainage and proper shelter from rainwater. You’d want to make sure fragile equipment is always protected from water damage and the quickest effective way to do that is to invest in a rain jacket. Simply put it onto your being whenever it starts pouring and enjoy mental peace. With a serving of petrichor. 


Keeping a good book in your bag will ensure that boredom never creeps near you. Just be smart about the weight aspect of it. The more the books, the heavier your bag. And if you can’t make do with just one then perhaps bring along an Amazon Kindle instead. Store all your books electronically onto the device and enjoy a smart solution that’s super-efficient at what it does!


That’s a wrap for all the recommendations we have for you. International travel is a breeze if you plan for it preemptively. Check your belongings, gather your documents, and put your game face on because you deserve that next trip. 

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