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Discover the magic of New Zealand

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Discover the magic of New Zealand

From its diverse, visually stunning landscapes to its welcoming Kiwi hospitality, there’s no shortage of reasons why New Zealand is so cherished by its visitors and residents alike. Join us for a live insideTauck presentation as two of those residents – Lou Baddiley and Rose Wood – take us on a virtual exploration of their remarkable hometowns: Rotorua and Queenstown. They’ll share with us the cultural treasures and natural wonders that make these destinations so magical.

Thursday, February 8 at 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST

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Lou Baddiley

The dynamic and entertaining International Manager of Rotorua, Lou Baddiley takes immense pride in being fully immersed in the destination – working for it, showcasing it on Instagram in her free time, and calling it home. A former-air-force-kid-turned-travel-enthusiast, her zest for adventure extends to exploring culinary delights across New Zealand, making weekends a delightful pursuit of the newest foodie hotspots. During her downtime, catch Lou speeding through Rotorua’s local mountain bike trails, accompanied by her dog or friends.

Rose Wood

Business Development Executive at Destination Queenstown, Rose arrived on the shores of Queenstown in 1997. She was originally born in Australia but considers herself a through-and-through Kiwi and Queenstown local. “Growing up here, your true appreciation for our beautiful home comes with age; often not realizing how good we’ve got it! From skiing our amazing mountains to swimming our blue lakes and exploring our hills… 26 years on, I understand how lucky I am to call this home!” Rose considers herself a part of Queenstown and Queenstown a part of her, and she’s honored to be able to share its wonder and stories with you.

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